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When you have one or two missing teeth, you may feel embarrassed to smile. Depending on where they are located, your speech may also be affected. Get your complete smile back with the help of a dental bridge. Horizon Dental Care offers beautiful dental bridges to restore your smile with a fixed and permanent solution.

Fixed & Removable Dentures

Dentures have advanced with improved dental technology. They are more natural-appearing and comfortable than ever before. While traditional dentures are still available, there are many options when it comes to restoring your smile with dentures. At Horizon Dental Care, we have both removable and fixed dentures to give our patients choices when it comes to restoring their smile.

Removable dentures are affordable and still offer a beautiful restoration of your smile. There are conventional and immediate dentures that are removable and can give you a beautiful and functional smile. Another option is fixed dentures. These appliances are supported by existing teeth or dental implants that hold them in place. No adhesives or slipping. Fixed dentures stay in place and offer more confidence and convenience for our patients that choose this option.

Partial Dentures

If you only have a few missing teeth, you may not need full or complete dentures. A partial denture can fit around your existing teeth and give you a complete smile. Partial dentures are an affordable option compared to dental bridges or dental implants, and they still give you the benefits of a complete smile.

If you are considering dentures for the first time or are looking to replace your existing dentures, come see us at Horizon Dental Care. We have two offices to serve you in North Austin and Georgetown. We look forward to helping you restore your smile with our advanced denture options.

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