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Dental Bridges

When you have one or two missing teeth, you may feel embarrassed to smile. Depending on where they are located, your speech may also be affected. Get your complete smile back with the help of a dental bridge. Horizon Dental Care offers beautiful dental bridges to restore your smile with a fixed and permanent solution.

Dental bridges use your existing teeth to support replacements for missing teeth. If you have one or two missing teeth in the middle of your smile, the teeth on either side of the gap can be used to support artificial teeth that fill the gap. To create the bridge across the gap, dental crowns are placed on the surrounding teeth. The metal bridgework is attached to these crowns behind the teeth to hold an artificial tooth, a pontic, in place. Once completed, the new tooth and crowns will close the gap in your smile, looking natural and functioning like normal teeth.

Smile Restoration with Dental Bridges

Missing teeth can cause more than just embarrassment. Once one tooth is gone, you can experience other dental issues. Your other teeth can shift into the gap in your smile, creating crooked teeth that are difficult to clean. This movement can change your bite alignment, causing other dental issues. A dental bridge restores your smile and gives support to your existing teeth. This can prevent further deterioration of your oral health, and keep your smile looking great and functioning well.

Dental bridges can change the appearance and function of your smile. You will feel more confident in social situations, and enjoy the benefits of having a complete set of teeth for eating your favorite foods. You deserve to have the quality of life that a complete smile can offer. At Horizon Dental Care, we offer several solutions for replacing missing teeth, including dental implants, partial dentures and beautiful dental bridges. Contact Horizon Dental Care today to schedule your consultation.

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