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Understanding The Different Types Of Dental Floss in Austin, TX

We sometimes underappreciated the essence of flossing and do not give importance in including this as a part of our daily oral health care. The truth is, to neglect one of the most important parts in proper oral hygiene, flossing, is to ignore the plaque that might settle in between the gaps of the teeth thus creating more irritating oral problems like bad breath and tooth decays. While brushing cannot guarantee completely cleaned teeth, flossing removes the excess debris of food that the bristles of the toothbrush can’t reach making the teeth tartar-free.

Practicing proper oral hygiene at home is very important to ensure the overall oral health and protection. It is also necessary to set teeth cleaning and dental check-up appointment every month to the dentist to achieve optimum care of the teeth and mouth.

Horizon Dental Care offers Cleanings and Check-up services to oral hygiene obsessed patients who wants to give their teeth extra care and protection.

There are different types of floss, and it might be confusing what kind of floss is best for you. To correctly decide what floss will work and will not work for you, it is better to have a greater understanding in each of the following.

Cleanings and Check-up Services

Four Types Of Dental Floss

  • Regular Dental Floss. It is the most common type of floss that we often see on the oral health care section of stores. It usually comes in a round dispenser and could be waxed, unwaxed or flavored. Waxed floss have coatings that smoothly glides to get quickly in between the teeth while unwaxed floss is thinner because it contains no coating and flavoring as well. If you have a high sensitivity to a particular flavor, unwaxed floss might be for you. Floss can also be flavored. There are different varieties of flavored floss that are sold in the market today including those bizarre flavors like bacon, cupcake, and salad flavored floss.
  • Super Flosses. It is a type of floss that is ideal for cleaning braces because it is more stiffed and is made of yarn-like materials.
  • Floss Picks. Floss picks are more comfortable to use if you have difficulty using your hands or your fingers. However, if your teeth are tight together, you may find it hard to use floss picks.
  • Dental Water Jet. Also known as an oral irrigator, is another type of floss which uses streams of water to remove plaques and other food debris. Unlike any other floss, dental water jet reduces the case of gum bleeding and gingivitis.

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