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Tips for Fast Recovery After a Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Georgetown, TX

As Oscar Wilde said: “With age comes wisdom.” But aging brings wisdom tooth too! Several changes happen with the body as a person matures, one of it is the eruption of wisdom tooth. It usually occurs between the age of 17 to 25 years old. Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars to develop in the mouth. For some, growing wisdom teeth is a sign of maturity, but it does not really contribute to the well-being of a person.

Wisdom teeth are necessary for ancient people to chew on a tough diet such as raw meat, coarse leaves, roots, and nuts. As time passed and better diet was introduced, wisdom teeth came to be a vestigial structure that has no function in the body. Today, some people opt to remove their wisdom teeth to prevent complications.

At Horizon Dental Care, we offer Wisdom Teeth Removal to help our patients get rid of those “not so useful” third molars. By doing so, dental problems such as overcrowded teeth, impacted wisdom tooth, or misaligned teeth are avoided.


Painful Tooth


Wisdom Teeth Extraction Aftercare Tips

  • Follow the prescription and instructions of the dentist.
  • When lying down, raise your head a little using a pillow. Do not lay flat on your back for it may prolong the healing process.
  • Apply an ice pack for about 15-20 minutes at a time to relieve pain, swelling, or bruising. Place the cold compress on the cheek side where the extraction site is. Repeat the process for the first 24 hours after the tooth removal.
  • Avoid doing vigorous activities that can strain your body for it may increase bleeding. Try to relax, especially after the tooth removal.
  • Avoid having dry sockets. Stay hydrated at all times, but make sure that the blood clot is not removed. Do not sip drinks using a straw for it may loosen the blood clot and delay healing.
  • Gently brush your teeth, gums, and tongue. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and enough force when brushing the mouth.
  • Do not use or smoke tobacco. Smoking lessens the blood supply in the body and can carry contaminants that can affect the extraction site and delay healing.
  • Do not touch the area of extraction with your finger or scrape it with your tongue.
  • Opt for soft-diet foods for the first 24 hours after the wisdom tooth removal.
  • If bleeding continues after 24 hours of extraction, visit your dentist for a follow-up dental appointment.

Horizon Dental Care also provides sedation options to make the wisdom tooth extraction procedure comfortable and pain-free.


Looking for a safe and pain-free procedure? Book an appointment with us. Horizon Dental Care have caring and dedicated staff to help you feel pleasant during your Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Georgetown, TX.

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