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What is Snap On Smiles® in Georgetown?

Snap On Smiles® is a non-invasive and painless cosmetic procedure used to hide teeth imperfections.  It is a thin yet durable and removable dental tool that is made from high quality and unique resins. Snap on Smiles cosmetic tool can cover the whole areas of your lower and upper teeth, especially the damaged part. At Horizon Dental Care, we are pleased to offer Snap On Smiles®  for our patients in Georgetown and surrounding areas that want an affordable, reversible option to change their smile.

Snap On Smiles®

Snap On Smiles® Procedure

The procedure of Snap on Smiles is fast and painless. During the first visit, the patient will choose the shade and style of the dental tool. An impression of the teeth will then be taken and sent to an off-site lab that creates the dental tool. After 2-3 weeks, the patient will return for the final fitting and placement of the dental appliance.

Benefits of Snap On Smiles®

  • Affordable than other dental treatments
  • A simple and fast process that can be completed in two appointments
  • Suitable for almost everyone
  • Attractive and appealing because it mimics the natural teeth
  • Does not require surgery or filing down of teeth
  • Thin and flexible which make eating easier
  • Durable and long lasting because of its high-quality materials
  • Covers imperfections such as stains, chips, gaps, etc.

Important considerations when having Snap On Smiles®

  • Snap on Smiles is just a temporary solution for teeth problems. Patients should consider other dental treatments if they want permanent results.
  • After the replacement of Snap on Smile, there are possible changes when talking yet it will only last for weeks upon adjustment.
  • Snap on smiles dental appliance can be stained with colored foods and beverages just like the natural teeth, but it can be cleaned with a special solution.
  • The dental appliance does not last a lifetime. It can only last for 2-5 years depending on how the patient cares for it.

Need an affordable, reversible option to change your smile? Horizon Dental Care offers services for Snap On Smiles® in Georgetown. Book an appointment by calling us at 512-864-9911. We are located at 1615 Williams Dr. Georgetown, TX 78628.

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