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Satisfying Your Urge To Crunch

Austin TX Family DentistIt really is not a coincidence that everyone has a natural desire to crunch or chew on something. Believe it or not, it is a mind, body and emotional connection that you have that provides a balance and connection for you. That’s why we’re often found emotionally eating certain foods. Chewing can be manifested as an act of aggression or as an act of slowly savoring particular foods.

Harmful Crunching or Chewing:

  1. Chewing On Ice. To avoid cracking your teeth or injuring your gums, avoid chewing on ice. If you’re feeling particularly parched with these summer heats, just try drinking a cold glass of water filled with ice.
  2. Biting Your Nails If you bite on your nails you could crack, chip or wear down the front of your teeth. If you wear braces, you are particularly pulling your teeth at risk.
  3. Chewing On Pencils Chewing on pencils may just simply be a habit, however it can signal other issues as well. If you or your child struggles with focus, it may he a tool to help aid in focusing. It may also be a nervous habit. Chewing on wood is harmful to your teeth and gums. There are items on the market that are a safe substitute-chewing device made from rubber. These were designed to protect your teeth, and still give you the chew you may need.

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