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Root Canal Therapy in Austin, TX: Definition, How It Works And Its Benefits

Some people who experience pain choose to perform self-medication by taking over the counter pain relievers. By doing this, they may only temporarily relieve the pain, but it does not cure the source. Without taking the necessary treatments needed, it may worsen the condition which may lead to a more complicated treatment.

At Horizon Dental Care, we offer a solution which can treat the dental complications from its source to make sure that the pain will be stopped. Root Canal Therapy can help stop tooth pain and prevent the need for teeth extraction.

Root Canal

Root Canal Therapy Explained

Root Canal Therapy or also referred to as Endodontics is a dental procedure performed to save or repair severely damaged or infected teeth. The word Endodontics is derived from the Greek language which means “inside the tooth.” The procedure involves the removal of the diseased or damaged tooth pulp.

The pulp located inside the tooth which is made up of connective tissues and cells. Once the pulp has been damaged, it could cause pain and discomfort. If left untreated, the damage may spread to the gums or jawbone which can only be prevented by extracting the tooth itself.

What To Expect During A Root Canal

If the dentist suspects that the patient may need a root canal therapy they will require them to undergo X-rays. It can help in determining the location and severity of the decay in a tooth.

If the dentist has determined that there is a damage on the tooth’s pulp, Anesthesia would be used to the affected tooth. Although the procedure is not much painful than a dental filling, the use of an Anesthesia ensures patient’s comfort.

An opening will be created to gain access to the tooth’s inner chamber. The pulp and decayed portions will be cleaned thoroughly to make sure that there would not be any further damage to occur after the treatment.

If the pulp chamber has been sanitized, a material called Gutta-percha is used to fill the inside of the tooth. Once done, the tooth will be sealed either temporarily or permanently, depending if there is a dental crown to be placed.

Root Canal Therapy Benefits:

  • The therapy removes the painful feeling that is experienced before the treatment.
  • No need of taking over the counter pain relievers.
  • The treatment includes scraping off bacteria which helps in the prevention of spreading the infection.
  • It helps stop the progress of the infection further down the tip of the tooth
  • The therapy helps in the protection of the surrounding teeth.
  • The procedure allows the tooth to be saved or repaired to prevent a more intensive or extensive treatment


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