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Our Rich Past Provides A Bright Dental Future

Georgetown TX DentistDr. Guirguis and Dr. Mughrabi are proud to serve patients in Georgetown and Austin. Having our offices in the great state of Texas is an honor and a privilege. Our offices utilize the best that dental care has to offer.

We count it an honor to serve in a state that is home to the Alamo where men such as James Bowie (renowned knife fighter), David Crockett (famed frontiersman and former Tennessee congressman), and William B Travis (commander of the Alamo) gave their lives for our freedom. The battle cry was “Come and take it!” That determination and strength is remembered still today as we “Remember the Alamo”.

Did you ever consider how men, women and children in the 1830s care for their teeth? One toothbrush cost as much as three acres of land! However, families did purchase one toothbrush to be shared among its members. The toothbrush was usually made from hard hair from the back of a boar’s neck. The hairs (or bristles) were attached to a bone or bamboo.

Another method used when there was a toothache was to “Bite the Bullet.” This meant using a shell casing to cover an aching tooth. When a tooth had been broken or a nerve was exposed, biting a bullet seemed to ease the pain in some way.

At Horizon Dental, we tip our cowboy and cowgirl hats to past dental practices that were used, knowing that they were doing what they knew best. We offer modern methods of tooth extractions for cracked or damaged teeth. We also offer sedation dentistry if you have anxiety related to the procedures that are needed to be performed. Call and book your appointment with us today.

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