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Orthodontic Treatments And Its Benefits In Georgetown, TX

Orthodontics is a dental specialization that focuses on the treatment of several dental conditions involving the teeth and jaw structure. Different types of dental conditions such as crooked, misaligned teeth and a bad bite are treated with the help of Orthodontics. Proper teeth and jaw structure is a great factor in maintaining the excellent status of the patient’s overall dental health. Horizon Dental Care provides different Orthodontic services which help the patient achieve perfectly aligned and healthy teeth.

Malocclusions or Bad bites can affect a patient’s health as well as their physical appearance. Several dental issues can be closely linked to Bad Bite due to its irregularities that can interfere with primary activity like chewing, biting, and speaking.

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Orthodontic Conditions that Needs Treatment

  • Overcrowding
  • Excessive spacing
  • Crossbite, Open bite, Overbite, and Underbite
  • Overjet
  • Abnormal Eruption
  • Impacted Teeth

Orthodontic Treatments Offered in Horizon Dental Care

  • ClearCorrect and Invisalign

These are specific brands of clear orthodontic aligners that can provide a more comfortable and discreet treatment in correcting several dental conditions compared to traditional braces. They are made of thermoplastic material that is molded when exposed to laser depending on the specific measurements of the patient for a favorable result. Conventional braces are the basis for the creation of clear aligners but without the use of metal braces and wires. It provides a virtually invisible appearance making it aesthetically appealing. Clear aligners are removable which make it convenient and promotes easy cleaning. It also allows the patient to eat and drink without restriction since they can remove the aligner trays when doing such activity.

  • Six Month Smiles

It is also an alternative to metal braces that provide a comfortable, discreet, and faster treatment. It is made with clear brackets and tooth-colored wires to provide an aesthetically appealing look. The main highlight of this treatment is it’s short treatment time which is completed in six months.

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatments

  • It  improves your confidence and removes self-consciousness
  • Provides comfort and convenience to patients
  • Provides a solution to jaw problems
  • Improves overall dental health
  • Prevent gum damage due to crooked teeth
  • Prevents the development of gum disease


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