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New Smile In A Snap

Austin TX Cosmetic DentistryIt’s a new year! Have you made your goals for 2018 yet? Perhaps a new smile is at the top of your list. If this is the case, there are options for you to solve your smile dissatisfaction issues.

One smile makeover option available to you is a snap. Snap On Smiles is an affordable and reversible option to change your smile. Snap On Smiles can hide your dental issues such as:

  • Gapped Teeth
  • Crooked Teeth
  • Stained Teeth
  • Missing Teeth
  • Dental Flaws

Many smile makeover solutions are permanent and require many appointments to achieve the final goal. Snap On Smiles requires two dental visits. Your first appointment at Horizon Dental Care will include you choosing the color of your desired teeth and an impression. Your second appointment will be your last fitting after about three weeks. It requires no drilling, no shots and no change in your current tooth structure. You can also eat and drink with your Snap On Smiles as usual.

There are many reasons you may be considering Snap On Smiles, but here are a few.

  • You want a new smile at a more affordable cost.
  • You want a smile like you see everyone in Hollywood having.
  • You’re tired of hiding your smile.
  • You want something a little less permanent.
  • You don’t like the thought of surgery, shots or drilling.

Start 2018 with a new smile. Call Horizon Dental Care today to schedule your consultation to see if Snap On Smiles is right for you.

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