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Invisalign Tips

Austin TX InvisalignCongratulations! You’ve chosen to use Invisalign to make your smile awesome! You’ll love the benefits of wearing your Invisalign. The clear aligner trays you wear in your mouth make for a visually pleasing process of straightening your teeth. Gone are the days when you had to wear the metal braces in your mouth! You also are enjoying the fact that you are not limited to what you can eat or drink while wearing your Invisalign. When you want to bite into a big apple, you simply remove the aligner tray, take a big bite into your juicy apple, and enjoy! After you enjoy consuming all of your favorite foods, you place the trays back in your mouth, and you’re good to go.

One common problem some Invisalign wearers are encountering is related to the fact that they are virtually invisible. While this is desired while they are in your mouth, this can cause a big problem when you’re trying to locate where to put them while you were consuming your big juicy apple. Here are a few tips for helping you keep track of where your clear aligner trays are while they are not in your mouth.

  1. Carry a small aligner container around with you. As soon as you take them out of your mouth, place them in the container. The container should have your name and phone number on it in case it ever gets misplaced.
  2. Remember the simple phrase: “Set is so you won’t forget it!” Think about putting your clear aligners in the exact same spot every time you take them out of your mouth!
  3. Do not remove your aligner tray and place them in a towel or napkin while you are eating. Chances are, you will throw them away along with your other trash after your meal. Digging through the trashcan is never a desired activity!

At Horizon Dental Care in Austin and Georgetown, we offer the revolutionary new product to help make your teeth straight! Call and find out if Invisalign is right for you!

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