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How Does CEREC One Visit Crowns Work? – Austin, TX

Aside from the amazing dental care services that many patients can already enjoy, dental technology is still evolving. There are now sure ways to provide the best solution for the needs of a patient. Anesthetics or sedation are available to aid dental fear, orthodontics for malocclusions, teeth whitening for discolorations, and more. How about those patients who need restoration but do not have enough time for multiple dental visits? We at Horizon Dental Care have the perfect solution in mind – CEREC One Visit Crowns!

With the help of CEREC technology, it is now possible for people to get a dental restoration in one sitting. CEREC crowns use the most modern technology in terms of dental restoration. From impressions taken to the creation of the prosthesis, everything is done using the latest technology.


Dental Checkup


How does CEREC work?

  • Like any other dental procedures, the dentist would first check if the chosen treatment is suited for the patient’s needs or if a different method would be a better option. As soon as the dentist gives a go, preparations and impression taking will be performed.
  • Anesthetics may be used when the dentist removes any decayed portion of the tooth to make sure that the patient will be comfortable throughout the process.
  • Instead of using gag-inducing impression putty, 3D imagery is utilized to get instant and accurate impressions of the teeth.
  • The records taken would then be uploaded on the CEREC software which would give the milling machine the information it needs. This step uses a CAD system (Computer Assisted Design) to formulate a treatment plan specific for a patient.
  • The block of ceramic that closely resembles the color of the patient’s teeth would then be inserted on the CAM (Computer Assisted Milling) machine to start the creation of the crowns.
  • After 10 to 20 minutes, the ceramic tooth restoration is ready for application.

Fortunately, with the development of CEREC crowns, patients now can have their injured or decayed tooth repaired in one session. They are assured that CEREC crowns not only restores the appearance of their teeth, but it can be functional as well.


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