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New Smile In A Snap

It’s a new year! Have you made your goals for 2018 yet? Perhaps a new smile is at the top of your list. If this is the case, there are options for you to solve your smile dissatisfaction issues. One smile makeover option available to you is a snap. Snap On Smiles is an affordable … Continued

The song, “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” has already been played multiple times on our Texas radio stations. What would December be without this song that reminds us Texans of what we most likely will not receive this winter It can be a bit discouraging. However, did you know you could actually control whether … Continued

At Horizon Dental Care, we offer custom nightguards that are made to protect your teeth from the harmful effects of nighttime teeth grinding. If you suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding), we have a solution for you. But, did you know that bruxism could be attributed to some habits that you do during the day. Stress … Continued

Have you heard of porcelain veneers? The American Dental Association describes it as a way to improve your smile. Porcelain veneers have the ability to: Close spaces between your teeth. Fix your fractured, cracked or injured teeth. Restore missing teeth (due to injury or congenitally missing). Whiten stained and discolored teeth. At Horizon Dental Care, … Continued

By now, most people have heard about the revolutionary method of making teeth beautiful! If you’ve experienced the benefits of your incredibly brilliant smile using Invisalign, congratulations! Dr. Zeyad Mughrabi, DDS and Dr. Miriam Guiguis, DDS would like to answer three common questions they often hear about Invisalign for those of you who may still … Continued

It really is not a coincidence that everyone has a natural desire to crunch or chew on something. Believe it or not, it is a mind, body and emotional connection that you have that provides a balance and connection for you. That’s why we’re often found emotionally eating certain foods. Chewing can be manifested as … Continued

If you think you have a cracked tooth, it’s important to call a dental office such as Horizon Dental Care to catch the problem at an early stage. If you leave a cracked tooth it can become a bigger problem. How do you know if you have a cracked tooth? There are several signs and … Continued

Dr. Guirguis and Dr. Mughrabi are proud to serve patients in Georgetown and Austin. Having our offices in the great state of Texas is an honor and a privilege. Our offices utilize the best that dental care has to offer. We count it an honor to serve in a state that is home to the … Continued

Many people may hear about Periodontal Disease and have no idea what it actually is. At Horizon Dental Care, we offer periodontal care, so why is this so important to you? Periodontal disease is an infection that affects your tissues and bones that support your teeth. When you have healthy gums your tissue around your … Continued

Congratulations! You’ve chosen to use Invisalign to make your smile awesome! You’ll love the benefits of wearing your Invisalign. The clear aligner trays you wear in your mouth make for a visually pleasing process of straightening your teeth. Gone are the days when you had to wear the metal braces in your mouth! You also … Continued

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