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Everyone needs teeth; that is why people who lost theirs opt for a particular dental restoration for replacements. Each person can only have two sets of teeth; primary and permanent. Losing these structures is only acceptable with primary teeth since they are meant to fall out over time. And as they disappear, the second and … Continued

Dentistry had been helping people for a long time now. This branch of medicine offered various treatments which are all essential in strengthening, protecting, and nourishing the person’s dental health. To end everyone’s dilemma about the widespread oral problem, cavities, dentistry introduced dental fillings. The purpose of dental fillings is to restore the tooth that … Continued

Many years back, people who were hoping to straighten their smiles had only one option: wear unsightly metal brackets and wires in their mouths for a year or so. However, this was not ideal and favorable to most patients. So, instead of having their smiles fixed, they chose to live with their teeth imperfections. However, … Continued

Veneers are thin, shell-like prostheses that are placed on the front surface of the teeth that need to be improved. Their purpose is to cover up the most common teeth imperfections that usually bothers people about their smile. These include discolorations, cracks, chips, excessive spaces, worn down, and even slightly misaligned teeth. Wonder why most … Continued

Aside from the amazing dental care services that many patients can already enjoy, dental technology is still evolving. There are now sure ways to provide the best solution for the needs of a patient. Anesthetics or sedation are available to aid dental fear, orthodontics for malocclusions, teeth whitening for discolorations, and more. How about those … Continued

Crooked, misaligned teeth can affect the appearance of a person. Although metal braces have been around for years, not everyone availed of the procedure. The concerns about the said appliance are the unsightly metal brackets and wires, long treatment time, discomfort, and multiple dental visits. However, there is no denying that after the treatment, patients’ … Continued

As the advances in the field of cosmetic dentistry are growing, so are the number of people who wish to improve their smile. And when it comes to teeth enhancement, porcelain veneers are quite popular. These ultra-thin shell materials impressively correct various teeth imperfections including discoloration, crookedness, misalignment, and chipping.     Horizon Dental Care … Continued

To some, going to a dentist for an examination or cleaning not only causes them to worry about the cost, it even makes them terrified or anxious. While many people commonly experience the condition, some have it worse, and they ended up considering self-medication than the proper treatment. A dental visit may not be the … Continued

Invisalign is one of the leading orthodontic procedures nowadays due to its undeniable advantages compared to other conventional treatments. Patients can get straighter teeth more comfortably, conveniently, and most of all discreetly! The treatment uses a SmartTrack material that is clear and highly flexible to deliver constant force that reduces the discomfort felt by patients. … Continued

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